Nelson public protest over same-sex marriage

same sex marriage demo
same sex marriage demo
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Faith leaders and congregation members from churches and mosques across the Nelson area staged a public expression of their opposition to same sex marriages on Saturday.

The Burnley and Pendle Friends League’s leaders, who come from both Christian and Muslim communities, have held a number of meetings recently at the People’s Centre in Brierfield to discuss the controversial Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill currently being considered at the House of Lords.

They say they are unhappy with the Bill and its possible consequences for society if it becomes law, and have raised a petition and spoken to both Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson and Pendle-based peer Lord Tony Greaves about their concerns on the issue.

The Friends League said: “The main purpose of marriage is the loving union of man and wife, the reproduction of children and that traditional marriage which provides the most secure and healthy environment for children’s development.

The gathering outside Nelson Library included readings and prayers by leaders from both faiths, with Pastor Ian Humphreys and Fr Brian Murphy representing the Christian faith and mosque Imams Khalid Mehmood and Qais Miah representing the Muslim congregations.

Spokesman for the organisers, Pastor Ian Humphreys from The Mission in Nelson, thanked the library for its help and co-operation on the day, the police for their support and all those who attended.

Saghir Ahmed, for the Muslims, said: “We feel happy to be united for the good cause.”