Nelson woman must pay up £300 for leaving out her bins

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A PENDLE woman must pay £310 after she was fined for leaving her bins out after collection day.

Shazia Akhtar, of Crawford Street, Nelson, did not attend Reedley Magistrates’ Court on Thursday but the case proceeded in her absence.

The magistrates found the case proved and fined her £175. They also imposed a £15 victim surcharge and ordered her to pay legal costs of £120.

Coun. James Starkie, who represents Operational Services in Pendle, said: “This woman must now pay out over £300, which is a substantial amount of money.

“Yet this could easily have been avoided if she’d taken in her bins after they’d been emptied, instead of just leaving them on her back street.

“Hopefully she won’t do it again and it will also make other people think twice about leaving their bins out in future.”

Staff from Pendle Council’s Operational Services department first witnessed Ms Akhtar’s bins left out on the back street at the end of May, 2010.

She was sent a letter asking her to take them in after being emptied, but when the area was reinspected two weeks later, the bins were still on the back street.

In June, the council issued Ms Akhtar with a Section 46 notice. This explained she must only put out her bin on the day of collection, and take it in again as soon as possible.

But she continued to leave her bins out on the back street and in August was issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Despite being sent a reminder in September, she did not pay the £100 fine.

This resulted in court proceedings beginning in late September.

Coun. Starkie added: “You can put out your bins and recycling boxes before 7-30 a.m. on your collection day, but certainly no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before.

“Then please take in your bins as soon as you can after they have been emptied to remove obstructions and keep your neighbourhood looking tidy.”

To report an area where bins are persistently left out after collection day, call 661743 or email