New challenge for Colne T8M star Jacob

Jacob Murray who suffers from T8M Syndrome get ready for his first day at school.
Jacob Murray who suffers from T8M Syndrome get ready for his first day at school.

Leaving your child at the school gates for the first time is an emotional experience for any parent.

But for Emma Crosby, this rings particularly true as she prepares to take her son Jacob (4) to Park Primary School, Colne, on Monday.

Jacob was diagnosed with the rare chromosome disorder Trisomy 8 Syndrome (T8M), which affects only one in every 25,000 to 50,000 babies, last year.

While the youngster is as capable as any other child of living a happy and healthy life, he does face obstacles including extreme behaviour and speech difficulties.

However, as his learning capabilities are not yet fully clear, Jacob will be joining primary school as a mainstream pupil.

It will only be as he progresses that a decision will be taken as to whether or not he requires special educational needs.

Emma (25), of Granville Street, said: “My feelings are a bit mixed really. Jacob is really excited, and I am really nervous.

“We won’t know his difficulties until he starts learning. It is scary, but I am also really proud that he has come so far.

“He will be one of the oldest in his year, but developmentally he won’t necessarily be as far on as some children. I have to look past that, and let him do what he can.”

Since being diagnosed Jacob, a former Newtown Nursery School pupil, has been working hard to tackle his behavioural problems. This includes using a “Now and Then” board, to help him understand the concept of time.

To follow Jacob’s progress visit Emma’s Facebook page “Our T8M star! — Jacob’s story”.