New enforcement drive on recycling

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin
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Residents who don’t make efforts to recycle will be targeted in a new enforcement drive by Pendle Council.

From November 3rd, the council’s environmental crime team will start visiting areas identified as “hot spots” where extra bags of rubbish are regularly put out beside grey bins.

In Pendle, the grey wheeled bin of rubbish is emptied every two weeks. People are asked to separate out their paper, card and textiles, and their plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, and food/drinks cans for recycling.

Currently around 36% of Pendle’s waste is recycled.

But some residents make no or very little effort to recycle and put out all their waste in their grey bin with bin bags alongside.

Coun. David Clegg, Executive Member for Environmental Services in Pendle, said: “Councils have legal powers to specify how residents in their areas present their waste for collection.

“We ask residents to separate out the recyclables from their household rubbish.

“Many Pendle people are more than happy to do this and make great efforts to recycle as much as they can.

“But, sadly, there are people who, despite our convenient collections, choose to just throw everything into the grey bin – and then put out additional bin bags when it gets full.

“And it is these people who we are clamping down on through this enforcement exercise.”

Environmental crime officers will visit areas on refuse collection day, looking for extra bagged waste at the side of grey bins.

They will inspect the waste to identify to which properties it belongs and deliver letters asking householders to split their waste into recycling and refuse before their next collection.

David Walker, Waste Services Manager, said: “The waste will be rebagged into bright green sacks, highlighting to neighbours that we are taking action to clear their streets of additional waste while also attempting to drive up the borough’s recycling rates.

“We expect residents to take their additional, bagged waste back onto their properties and present it again, correctly, on their next collection day.

“Our environmental crime team will visit areas again two weeks later.

“Where residents have made no attempt to separate their recycling from their waste, they could be issued with fixed penalty notices carrying fines of £75.

“It’s a high price to pay for failing to spend just a few minutes putting out your recycling correctly.”

If you need help to work out which recyclables go into which containers, you can look on the recycling pages of Pendle Council’s website

People can also refer to the recycling calendar leaflet delivered to their homes in November last year – the council is due to deliver up-to-date leaflets to homes next month.