New ideas to promote Pendle

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A major new initiative as a way of boosting Pendle has been revealed by Pendle Council - and next year it will help it celebrate its 40th anniversary!

It is called “Brand Pendle” and the vision is “Pendle – The Place to Work - Live - Play”. And the idea is to promote the borough.

A report to last Thursday’s meeting of the council’s Executive Committee said: “To achieve the aim fully, it will be necessary to secure the commitment and support of major partners such as the Vision Board, Pendle Leisure Trust, Nelson and Colne College and the local media.”

One of the suggestions is to replace the large sign which is visible as you enter Pendle on the M65, leaving Burnley. And signs on other main roads will get the new look.

So the plan is to deal with it over the next six months, with workshops taking place involving councillors, council staff, key Pendle businesses, the college, the media, Pendle Leisure and others.

The plan is to launch Brand Pendle in March next year to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Pendle Council being created. It will include a new website as well at the M65 sign.

At the Executive meeting, Coun. David Whipp pointed out that Pendle has been very much associated with witches and said: “If you are going to move it away from witches it will go well. I think Pendle is a damn site more than just witches.”

Coun. Paul White said: “Encouraging people, it’s a great place to come and start a business. We want people to come and live in our empty homes.”

And Coun. Tony Greaves said: “In my view, Pendle has been more successful that some other newly-invested areas. I think people who live in most of Pendle think they live in ‘Pendle’. If you use the word Pendle in Barnoldswick, they think ‘It’s somewhere over there’ !”

He added: “The promotion of Pendle is something that is a great thing. I have no problems about working or living in Pendle.”

And Coun. White stressed: “We want new businesses coming here instead of Burnley and people shopping here instead of Burnley!”