‘No’ to Earby homes on flood land

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An outline planning application for six houses in Earby has been refused by councillors.

The application for the six two storey properties at Morris Ing in Skipton Road was turned down unanimously by councillors at the latest meeting of Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee.

Councillors were concerned the land is at risk of flooding and sight lines for exiting the site may not be achievable.

Coun. David Whipp said: “The highway authority say visibility cannot be achieved. Clearly having seen the flood maps there’s the chance of a one in 30-year flood and we should be turning it down.

“It’s a nonsense to be building in an area which acts as a pond where water goes into.”

Coun. Mike Goulthorp said: “It does flood there in winter. Ducks and geese are usually swimming around. It does collect water, there’s no doubt about that.”