Now is time to launch counter attack over homes plans

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Following last week’s theme “choose your target’, I have decided to scale the beleaguered ramparts and stick my head above the parapet in a bid to rally the troops and, hopefully, not get shot down in flames.

Don’t waste energy fuelling negative emotions. As a local peasant of 40-plus years (not age related); my thoughts mull over the prospect of peaceful revolt against the political powers that preside in their far flung “palaces” at Westminster and who fail to comprehend the trials and tribulations of those living beyond the magic roundabout.

Don’t get mad, get even – by redressing the balance of power. The communities of Clitheroe and Whalley may be feeling let down by their elected representatives in respect of recent planning battles with the developers.

Rather than lying low to lick our wounds, now is the time to launch a counter attack, using the localism framework provided by central government as our ammunition. The pen is deemed mightier than the sword, especially when it comes to exercising your right to vote (polling) and petitioning.

However, what Clitheroe and other local communities may benefit from is a plan: a Neighbourhood Plan! I recently came across an article in a local publication which alerted me to this notion. Subsequent inquiries to the town council ascertained that Clitheroe doesn’t have a plan. Why not? I thought to myself.

Being of an inquisitive disposition (some people would call it nosy), I decided to ask more questions. To date, I have spoken with David Ingham, partnership officer at Ribble Valley Borough Council, and to my local councillor, Alan Yearing. The latter agreed to propose a Neighbourhood Plan should be put on the agenda for the next town council meeting on Monday, September 9th, and this was accepted by the council.

It was broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire recently that the town mayor, Coun. Kevin Horkin, and Coun. Ken Hind support the idea of Neighbourhood Plans. Is this an opportunity to shape the future of our town (and neighbouring villages) and protect our open spaces for the health and wellbeing of ourselves and future generations? Does this sound like a plan?

Let Clitheroe Town Council know you care and Westminster know we are here. Also, please let me know what happens next by e-mailing because I haven’t got a clue. I just like lighting the blue touch paper!