Nurses achieve top ‘advanced practitioner’ grades

Nurses East Lancashire Hospitals graduating (s)
Nurses East Lancashire Hospitals graduating (s)
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Eleven experienced nurses at East Lancashire Hospitals’ NHS Trust are celebrating after graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with their Advanced Practitioner degrees.

Advanced Practitioners are qualified, highly experienced nurses who, after gaining additional qualifications, can now take patient medical history, carry out physical examinations, request investigations and refer patients directly to other specialists where appropriate.

“We are incredibly proud of our Advanced Practitioners who are an inspiration to all nurses,” said Chief Nurse Christine Pearson. “They have proven themselves to be leaders, committed to improving the quality of nursing care and patient safety and raising health standards through greater medical knowledge.”

The Trust’s new APs are Mary Cavill, Jennifer Wadsworth, Lesley MacLeod, Lindsay Gawthrop, Heather Robinson, Janine Hood, Jude Harrison, Jannine Dobson, Justine Ratcliffe, Georgina Whiteside and Wendy Hay.

They can also prescribe drugs and decide on, and carry out, their own patient treatment.

The Advanced Practitioners work at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, Burnley General Hospital and at NHS community facilities including St Peters Centre in Burnley and Accrington PALS.

“The role of the nurse in the UK continues to develop in response to the changing healthcare needs of our population and the challenges that these present,” added Christine.