Oak Mill is ‘a danger to children’

Oak Mill on Skipton Road causes concern for residents.
Oak Mill on Skipton Road causes concern for residents.
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Councillors in Colne have called for developers to tidy up the demolished Oak Mill in Skipton Road, which they say is a danger to children who have been playing on the site.

Pendle Council recently took the owners to court, forcing them to secure the site, but even since then children have been spotted playing in the rubble.

Horsfield Ward’s Coun. Neil Butterworth said: “It’s not only a horrid eyesore, but it’s a real danger.

“This site has been rumbling on for too long now, and it would seem that the owners have little regard for the safety of children.

“We had to prosecute them just to get them to fence it off, but even still children have been playing on the site.

“I’d ask parents to make sure their children aren’t going on there, and in the meantime we will use any legal powers we have to get them to tidy it and make it safe”.

Planning Manager Neil Watson said: “We’re satisfied that the Oak Mill site has now been made secure with proper fencing.

“That solves one problem, but the issue of the site being an eyesore blighting the area for local residents needs addressing.

“I have written to the owners of the site to tell them that we expect them to tidy the site. I’ve warned them that if they do not, we will pursue formal action.”