24-hour cross walk to highlight persecution of Christians


A pastor is taking part in a 24-hour walk that is set to turn heads and make people aware of a worldwide issue.

Phill Ingram and church member Vinny Welland will be walking non-stop carrying a 10ft wooden cross to raise funds for the Open Doors campaign to stop the worldwide persecution of Christians.

Church member Ivor King said: “We felt this was a good way to make people aware of a problem affecting thousands of people all over the world. We need to highlight this issue and hope this will be a good way of doing it and also raising funds to help this campaign put a stop to it.”

Setting off from the Living Hope Church, Brierfield, on Saturday at 10am the duo are ready to stop and chat to people who they hope will be intrigued by their mission.

After leaving the church in Halifax Road the duo will head for Nelson centre for 10-45am where they will stay until 11-30am before heading for Colne town centre for 1-30pm to 2pm.

They will leave Colne at 3pm and walk towards the Trawden roundabout and then head back towards Sainsbury’s before heading for Earby then Blacko where they will have tea.

They will be in Barrowford at 7pm, Wheatley Lane, Fence, between 7-30pm and 8pm and heading for Sabden for 9-30pm, Read at midnight and Padiham around 3am.

They hope to arrive in Burnley at 6am for breakfast before returning to Brierfield ready for the morning service at 10-30am before taking to their beds.