Appeal for information on missing cats

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A Barnoldswick man has appealed for information on his two pet cats which went missing in the town two weeks ago.

Andy Richards has not seen the cats – a black and white cat with a missing right eye known as One-Eyed Jack and a ginger cat called Garfield – in that time despite extensively leafleting, putting up posters and searching the area around Brogden Street in the town where they went missing.

Andy posted online at the weekend: “The pair of them are out there somewhere; where are you, boys?

“As there have been no sightings locally, it’s entirely possible One-Eyed-Jack, who doesn’t know the area, has wandered further afield and Garfield has followed him so far he can’t find his way back.

“Wacky, I know, but it’s even possible One-Eyed-Jack is trying to find his way back to Blackburn, where he was originally a stray for four years.

“So anyone in Lancashire, basically, please keep an eye out (pardon the pun) for this intrepid pair.

“It is most likely they are still in Barnoldswick, though. They may still be together or may have split up by now. One-Eyed-Jack is unmistakable - he’s a large black and white tom with his right eye missing. Garfield is a medium-sized ginger tom.

“Both will be quite timid. Both are neutered and microchipped. Neither is wearing a collar. Any possible sightings, please ring me on 07922 109933.”