Appeal for Snow Angels in Colne

snow road
snow road

Pendle Council is appealing for volunteers to become Snow Angels, a group of people who will help to grit footpaths in residential areas when ice and snow hit.

In the first scheme of its kind for Pendle, the council is looking at a pilot area in Colne around the bungalows on the North Valley Estate, Peter Birtwistle Fold and Bunkers Hill.

Leader of Pendle Council Coun. Joe Cooney, who is keen to pilot the scheme in Colne, said: “Schemes such as this have worked very well in other parts of the country and I’m keen to trial one in Colne.

“In the area we’re looking at for the pilot, there are lots of ungritted streets around sheltered accommodation where there are older residents.

“Our priority is making sure that people can still go out on foot on wintry days to get essential supplies or to see people socially. ”

Snow Angels Volunteers will be given a kit comprising rock salt, a shovel, a high visibility vest, gloves and an information pack.

They will receive weather warnings from the council to let them know when to be ready to get out and grit.

Anyone who wants to get involved or find out more can call Rebecca Ramsay for a chat on 661565. Alternatively email