Barnoldswick ‘too high’ wasps’ nest problem solved

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A ROW over Pendle Council saying it could not remove a wasps’ nest from a Barnoldswick resident’s house has been resolved with the discovery that it is in fact a bees’ nest.

Coun. David Whipp said the resident had got in touch with him because the nest was too high to be reached by a pole and the council had said using a ladder is not allowed under Health and Safety rules.

Coun. Whipp said it was a “crazy situation” that the council could not reach the nest by ladder. “Many wasps nests are at a high level in roofs,” he said. “The council provides a service to clear wasps nests, but is saying they won’t do them if they need a ladder. It’s completely barmy. Perhaps the council needs to advertise for a spider man to carry out this work.”

A spokesman for Pendle Council said the bees are protected and cannot be removed from the property.