Burnley dad delivers baby on bathroom floor

Paul and Helen Campbell with children Euan-Jai and Cohen.'Photo Ben Parsons
Paul and Helen Campbell with children Euan-Jai and Cohen.'Photo Ben Parsons

A hero dad delivered his baby son after he decided to make a speedy entrance into the world.

Paul Campbell was supporting his wife, Helen, as she laboured at home. The couple were planning to go to hospital to have their second son, but little Cohen had other ideas. Within minutes of Helen’s waters breaking, the baby arrived, delivered by Paul on the bathroom floor.

Paul, a mechanical maintenance engineer, said that the baby had been due on September 5th, and Helen had been to see the midwife last Wednesday for a procedure to stimulate labour. She had labour pains through the night and at 5am on Thursday, the couple, who live in Briercliffe, contacted the hospital to arrange to go in. But within minutes of that phone call, Helen’s labour progressed quickly and her waters broke.

Paul rang 999 for an ambulance, but Helen needed to push. With an emergency operator giving him advice, Paul stepped in to deliver the baby.

“It all happened so quickly, within 10 minutes. The ambulance was a couple of minutes away, so the operator told me that I would have to delvier the baby,” he said.

“I had to hand the phone to my mum and she had to relay the information, because they told me that the baby would be slippy and I needed to be ready.”

When the bouncing 8lb. 6oz. Cohen arrived, an elated Paul wrapped him in a towel and gave him to Helen for a cuddle.

The couple and their elder son, 20-month-old Euan-Jai, enjoyed some time with the baby before the ambulance crew took Helen and Cohen to hospital to be checked over. They were discharged later the same day.