BUSINESS: American shop opens in Nelson

Opening of the Bat-House Emporium in Nelson.'Photo Ben Parsons
Opening of the Bat-House Emporium in Nelson.'Photo Ben Parsons

WALK into a new Nelson shop and you will be convinced you are in America – it’s full of Wild West gear!

The Bat-House Emporium is on Rigby Street and is full of lots of things that make you feel like it’s in the USA, not Lancashire.

It has recently opened and is run by Marie and George Batty, who have now moved in Nelson.

George, who is 60 this coming spring, is a former textile worker. He worked in a mill for 25 years in Lancaster. Then he ran a shop next door to his new one in Nelson a while ago, and also ran a stall on Accrington Market.

The Nelson shop closed and he carried on on his market stall, but he said: “It’s too cold on the market so we have come back to have a shop here in Nelson. On the market stall we did sell a bit of everything, but here we sell all America products.”

They provide all sorts of things including jackets, hats and attractions. Marie said: “We went to Accrington and went into a place and saw a lot of American things.” And that inspired them to sell things like that themselves in Nelson.

There are leather jackets, leather motorbike waistcoats, American Indian dream catchers, and Western gear including lots of cowboy-style and trilby hats and metallic bolo ties which lots of the Wild Westers wore.

There is even American Civil War jackets, walking sticks, pictures of America and some historical American and British items, too.

George has never actually been to North America, but he said: “I’d like to go there.” He even fancies visiting Canada, too.