‘Halloween’ ex-addict wanted ‘to kill someone’

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A man playing music from the horror movie “Halloween” at midnight in a Burnley street said he wanted to chop somebody up, a court was told.

The town’s magistrates heard how drunken Stephen Davies (38) ran off when ambulance staff wanted to take him to hospital.

When police stopped him he was snarling, swearing, ­trying to break free and told officers: “I want to kill ­someone.”

Former drug addict Davies, of Wren Street, Burnley, admitted breaching the peace on April 30th and was bound over in the sum of £100 for six months.

Mrs Alex Mann (prosecuting) told the hearing police were called just before midnight by the ambulance crew.

Mrs Mann said: “I’m told he was playing music from the horror film “Halloween” on his phone and making ­comments that he wanted to kill people.”

He had been “sectioned” over similar comments about a week before.

Davies was stopped by police in Gannow Lane and was arrested after saying he wanted to kill someone.

Mrs Mann added: “I am told he poses no immediate danger to anyone, which is why he has been dealt with in this manner.”

Ben Leech (defending) said Davies was previously addicted to heroin and cocaine

He had worked with Inspire (the drugs and alcohol treatment service) and had managed to rid himself of his habit. He now had a drink problem and had not been taking his medication for anxiety and depression.

The solicitor added: “He recognises he needs to go and speak to his GP, he needs to take his medication and he needs to speak to Inspire.”