Monkey climbs to the top as Britain’s favourite woolly actor

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A survey published today reveals that Monkey has been voted Britain’s Favourite British Woolly Actor of the Moment.

The research, commissioned for The Woolly Actors Guild (WAG), an organisation established to fight for equal rights amongst all actors, quizzed over 2,000 Brits in order to find the most popular woolly actor of all time. Monkey reigns supreme with a third of the public vote (33%), followed by Basil Brush (10%), Sooty (7%) and Bagpuss (7%), amongst other woolly institutions. Monkey’s popularity is heightened further with the public also choosing him as their ideal woolly dinner guest (28%) again pipping Basil Brush to the post (22%).

In response to the results, Monkey says: “I am honoured that the British public has voted me their favourite woolly actor. Before the Woolly Actors Guild, I had no idea such support existed. I thought I was shouting fruitlessly into a howling wind of ignorance, but it’s reassuring to know that I have cemented a place inside the hearts and minds of the Great British public. In fact it’s flattery like this that’ll give others within the community hope, hope that one day they could be this popular – that is in fact why I established the WAG; to safeguard the careers and futures of some of this country’s best dramatic talents.”

While Monkey has been clearly cemented as the nation’s current favourite woolly actor, he shares the limelight with fellow furry-friend Sooty who was honoured as Britain’s Favourite Childhood Woolly Actor with 22% of the public vote.

Monkey established the Woolly Actors Guild (WAG) to give woolly actors the voice they deserve and is now seeking the British public’s support in his tireless campaign against ‘woolism’ – a term he coined to describe the behaviour of people who discriminate against actors based on their outer appearance. Supporters can make a stand for equal rights by signing his petition available at