Mystery surrounds deer’s death

Dead deer found at Boothman Park, Barley. (S)
Dead deer found at Boothman Park, Barley. (S)

A dead deer was found in the countryside at Barley, sparking fears it had been killed by dogs.

But police who are investigating the incident believe it may have been hit by a car and have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Concerns about the death of the stag were voiced by Mr Frank Wren, owner of Boothman Park fishing and holiday location, where the stag was discovered in woodland, trussed up with white tape. “It was a very healthy-looking stag,” he said. He added: “We found it in less than 24 hours and called the police.”

Mr Wren confirmed: “I was horrified to see it, We do our best to protect the wildlife. We have planted 6,000 trees here in the past couple of years – with lots of extra birds. We have a wood warbler here. It’s the only one spotted in the whole of Lancashire.”

Area officer PC Mark Dibb was joined at the location by Insp. Paul Goodall, and he said: “There were no gunshots around it. I think its been hit by a car off the road somewhere. It may be that someone hit it and tied it up. There is nothing suspicious from what we have found. If anyone knows anything about it, please get in touch with the local police station and we will look into it.”