Outrage at ‘50 Shades of Burnley’ Facebook page

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A controversial Facebook page, “50 Shades of Burnley”, has been branded an “absolute disgrace” by the town’s MP, Gordon Birtwistle.

Mr Birtwistle joined a growing number of people who have condemned the page on the popular social media site, which features lewd and sometimes bizarre photographs of people in the town.

The page has attracted 21,065 “likes” since it was set up last week with the description “everything ****ed up in Burnley.” Photos include people in various states of undress, in drunken stupors and even one man head first in a clothes bank.

Mr Birtwistle said: “I think this group is an absolute disgrace and will try to get it closed down.

“If the people who have set this up are residents of Burnley they should be ashamed of themselves.

“Why would anyone want to humiliate their own town and residents? There are so many good things happening in Burnley with lots of investment and an exciting future ahead. We should have groups celebrating Burnley, not running it down.”

The page does include six photos showing Burnley at its best, including one of Towneley Hall, the Singing Ringing Tree and Clarets legend Jimmy McIlroy.

But residents have been upset that some photos feature people in the town with learning difficulties leading one person to brand it “vile disabled hate speech.”

Despite the page including photos of police cars, a spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said the force did not wish to comment.