Pendle women’s head shave for Bosom Friends

Head shave after
Head shave after
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Two Pendle women have had their heads shaved – and raised more than £10,000 for Barnoldswick Bosom Friends cancer support group.

Kate Metcalfe, who lives in Barnoldswick and works for Daisy Communications in Nelson and her friend Rebecca Lawrence lost their locks at the Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton, where Rebecca once worked.

The pair decided to undertake their fund-raising after Rebecca (25) was diagnosed with an incurable stomach cancer, a year after starting treatment for cervical cancer.

Alison Haimes, from Halo Hair and Design in Barnoldswick, carried out the shavings.

Kate, who has been friends with Rebecca since she worked with her and her sister, said: “After a year of fighting the cervical cancer, Rebecca went earlier this year to check the stage that she is at, thinking she would now be in remission.

“Unfortunately she has now been told the cancer has spread to her stomach, and is now incurable.

“Rebecca did not let this phase her at all, even though she knows there is more intense treatment to come.

“She simply called me and said: ‘We need to raise some money for Bosom Friends as they have done so much for me. I need to do something for them.”

Rebecca opened a fund-raising account –

And there have already been donations from the Czech Republic and the USA as well as other overseas countries.

“People are reading Rebecca’s story and are overwhelmed by the brave and strong person she is, as well as helping a worthwhile charity,” said Kate.