Rats running riot in Barnoldswick

Rat. (S)
Rat. (S)
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Barnoldswick is being plagued by rats as the rodents threaten to run riot in the town.

Sightings of the rats have been seen during daylight hours in various parts of Barnoldswick town centre and there have been concerns elsewhere in the town, particularly from surrounding streets off the Valley Road housing development.

At Pendle Council’s latest West Craven Committee meeting, councillors called for “effective action” to be taken on the rats after Chairman Coun. David Whipp said there had been “considerable sightings” causing “great concern”.

Earby’s Coun. Mike Goulthorp said in his experience through dealing with vermin in his career, Barlick had a “major problem” with rats if they were coming out during the day.

Michael Paul Fancy, who lives in Ethel Street, took to Facebook to report that he had put rat poison down as one was living in his home and he said building work had disturbed their habitat.

Mr Fancy wrote: “I have a rat in the cavity of my house, it has chewed a pipe under the sink.”

Richard Walsh, Public Health Manager at Pendle Council, said: “Our Pest Control team has stepped up baiting treatments within the sewer network underneath Barnoldswick town centre and, in the light of recent sightings in the Valley Road area, is extending these treatments to cover this area.

“They have also visited properties in the Ethel Street area to discuss necessary treatments and offer pest control advice.

“Colleagues in Environmental Services have also spoken with the owner of a town centre food business who was found to be putting waste out on to the street earlier than the scheduled day of collection.

“Our advice to residents and businesses is to only put out waste for collection either the night before or by 7-30am on the day of collection if possible.”

Local residents can report rat sightings on Pendle Council’s website at www.pendle.gov.uk/forms.

Alternatively, they can get in touch with Environmental Health through the contact centre by calling 01282 661199, through the “Contact Pendle” Facebook page or sending a tweet to @ContactPendle on Twitter.