Ribble Valley MP turned away from Parliament in rickshaw

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MP for the Ribble Valley Nigel Evans was denied access to his apartment in the Parliamentary complex at the end of a night out – because he tried to take a rickshaw through the gates.

Mr Evans (53), who is also Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, hailed the cycle-powered rickshaw to take him home, but realised he didn’t have the £5 fare on him and would have to get it from his apartment.

But when he tried to gain access to the gated complex he was halted by security who refused to let the rickshaw and its driver past. Mr Evans argued he should be let through as taxis are allowed on site, but his request was denied due to the vehicle being unlicensed, and the fact the driver did not have any identity documents.

A source said: “Nigel is a well-known and popular character within Westminster, but it gave the police on duty quite a surprise when he arrived late at night in the back of a rickshaw. He asked if the usual security protocol could be waived, but his request was refused.”

A spokesman said: “He needed to get in to collect his fare, and there was a discussion at the gates. He’ll definitely be getting a taxi in future.”