Rotary Club chain melted down for charity

Nelson Rotary cheque to hospice
Nelson Rotary cheque to hospice

Members of Nelson, Brierfield and Reedley Rotary Club has donated more than £1,500 from its funds to Pendleside Hospice following its recent closure.

The presentation follows the decision by club members to melt down the president’s chain of office and donate the proceeds to a local charity.

The group chose to donate the funds to Pendleside Hospice, and the £1,572 raised will be used to purchase a vital signs monitor which will be used at the hospice by the medical team.

This will aid people in Burnley and Pendle who have life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, end-stage renal failure, end-stage heart failure and end-stage dementia.

Former club members Rod Marsden and Bert Humberstone attended the Reedley-based hospice to hand over the donation to Hospice Doctor Chris Ainsworth.

He said: “I’m sure your members would have been delighted that the proceeds of your reluctant sale will at least be used for such an important piece of equipment.”

Mr Marsden said: “It was a very sad day in June when the club had to close.

“However, it is comforting to note money from the memorabilia sale will benefit people within the local community.”

Christina Cope, fund raising manager at the hospice, thanked both men for the donation and added: “We wish you all well for the future.

“I am sure we will see many of you again as the Rotary spirit and ideals will stay with you all for ever!”