The unluckiest house numbers in Britain

English houses
English houses
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research from has revealed 243 is the unluckiest door number in the UK.

The price comparison site found people with the house number 243 have made more claims on their home insurance than those with any other door number, with 45% having made a claim since January 2007.

Curiously, seven of the door numbers in the top 10 “unluckiest” are in the two hundreds, with 201, 240, 241, 221, 217 and 218 appearing in the league table of house numbers most likely to make a home insurance claim.

Number 1 came in third place but number 13, commonly thought to be the unluckiest, comes in at 182 with only 18% of home owners from this number having made a claim.

Among the door numbers the top 10 list, theft accounts for almost 4% of home insurance claims, but the majority (75%) come from accidental loss and damage in the home, suggesting those with a house number in the early two hundreds could be among the most accident-prone in the UK.

Gareth Kloet, at, said: “Now is a peak time for home insurance claims as there have been more people in the house over Christmas which usually means more accidents. Some home insurance providers estimate entertaining at home left a whopping £820m. bill last year. Judging by our numbers it looks as if 243 is a popular place for a party!” suggests home owners check their home insurance policy to ensure they are covered against accidental damage as policies can vary, and ensure they shop around when there policy is due for renewal.

Top door numbers for home insurance claims are: 243, 201, 1, 190, 240, 241, 221, 217, 218, 121, 182