Unwelcome second delivery for new Colne dad

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When Chris Ashworth rushed his girlfriend into labour he was not expecting an unwelcome second delivery.

For while little Pearl Ivy was being brought into the world, her daddy was being issued with a parking ticket.

The father-to-be had parked in a bay directly outside Burnley General Hospital’s maternity unit at around 8-30am.

But with no spare change and his heavily dilated partner Joanne his ultimate priority, he was unable to immediately pay and display. According to Mr Ashworth (26), once his partner was settled, he rushed to get some change and a ticket - but was shocked to discover that a £35 fine had already been slapped on his windscreen.

The Glen Street resident, who works at Bannys Fish and Chips, said: “I had to get my priorities straight, but as soon as I could I went downstairs and bought a ticket.

“I went to the office to explain my circumstances, but they said I still had to pay it. I was fuming. The machine doesn’t take chip and pin, which would make it a lot easier. They are just waiting to get people. At the end of the day, you can’t plan a labour.”

Mr Ashworth, whose beautiful bundle of joy was brought into the world weighing 7lb 13oz, has now paid the fine to prevent it going up to £65.

Responding, Martin Morgan, Director of Estates and Facilities at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “I have spoken with our car parking contractors at the Burnley General Hospital site and asked them to be a little more flexible around parking in the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre car park.

“However, if a car is parked without a ticket and the driver is not around, the parking attendants are unable to tell the circumstances in which it was left. Patients are able to use our parking appeals procedure if they feel that a ticket has been unfairly issued in the above circumstances.”