One in four women living with undiagnosed postnatal depression, survey reveals

Postnatal depression remains undiagnosed in up to 25% of UK women.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 12:39 pm
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 12:46 pm
Around 25 % of women in the UK are living with undiagnosed postnatal depression.

And this translates as one in four women who are living in silence, according to Mum's Enterprise Ltd, a company dedicated to facilitating postive change and gender equality across the nation.

The company is set to launch a report called From Career Woman to Working Mum to coincide with Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week which starts on Monday.

The findings of the report confirm that as many as one in four women remain undiagnosed with postnatal depression.

The first initiative launched as part of their ‘Happiness Project’ (a campaign dedicated to supporting a happier nation) is a thought provoking and sensitive report, which will be available to download from Monday.

The report has been collated drawing on the insights of over 1,000 mums across the UK and its contents explores what mothers' desire to feel fulfilled and happy in their working lives, post-children.

Lindsey Fish, Founder and CEO of Mum’s Enterprise said: “Flexible work, gender equality, the gender pay gap and the "Mum Economy" are making headlines almost every day.

"What we feel is missed from many current reports is a focus on a solution.

"How can we as people make changes in our lives for our own happiness?

"The impact and challenge of change is real for every mum, personally and professionally, so we wanted to uncover the truth about how women adapt to this.”

The findings, produced from over 1,000 responses, delve into the lives of mums specifically to find out what women want.

They explore the reality of what women are faced with when returning to work, and shockingly uncovers that 24% of women have had flexible hours requests denied at work despite their legal right to request them. It also delves into the home lives of mums exploring whether equality is reflected in in personal partnerships as well as fears and coping mechanisms.

Lindsey added: “Almost a third of working women are just putting on a brave face to the world every single day and don’t have a genuine coping or offloading mechanism – this does not bode well for mental health issues further down the line. It’s something we need to address now, as a nation and we hope that this report as well as our annual events will go a long way towards driving this change.

By 2020 Mums Enterprise Ltd intends to prove that is has had a positive impact on the UK economy by helping more women find and return to work, increase the number of female startups and boosted job creation through growing female led businesses.

Mums' Enterprise Roadshow will also hold two events this year, aimed at helping attendees get into the right frame of mind for change and is a must attend for those looking to retrain, find flexible work, start or grow a business.

It will be a one-day event, taking place on Wednesday, June 20th, at Event City, in Trafford City Manchester.

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