Help to overcome your fear of flying

As we head towards the summer holiday season (seems unbelievable really doesn't it) I thought it might be nice to share a story about a couple of clients who came to see me for help with flying phobia.

Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 11:51 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:59 pm

Many suffer with flying phobia. Some do fly, but find it a terrifying experience each time. Other people can no longer face flying at all.

Therefore it is great to know that if you are one of the many people who suffer from flying phobia, should you want to change that situation, hypnotherapy can be extremely successful in a very few sessions.

The first client I want to tell you about is a man who has always found flying uncomfortable, but this had got significantly worse after a bad flight two years ago. He was at the point where he really didn’t want to fly at all, but was being forced into it to attend the wedding of a family member.

Jenny Logan.

We discussed his anxiety which only started when he got to the airport. I suggested this could be helped in just two sessions. The first session was carried out a week before his flight and involved a technique called rewind.

During the rewind session, under hypnosis, we distance the brain from its scary memories and thoughts about flying and remind it everything is always okay afterwards.

The second session we carried out the day before his flight (we always try to make the last session as close to the flight as possible). This session is called a reframe session, where we show the brain vividly, under hypnosis, exactly how we want the upcoming journey to be.

He felt very positive about the flight after our first session and I am delighted to report he flew successfully after his second session.

Jenny Logan.

The second story was a girl who again had suffered from flying phobia for years. She tended to deal with it by having a few drinks at the airport to relax her. However, her anxiety about flying was starting to build in the weeks before her flight and she felt drinking before flying, when she was with her children, was not a great example to set. We did need an extra session for this lady to help her feel relaxed in the run up to her trip as well.

We carried out the rewind session three weeks before her flight, we then did a first reframe session a week later and a final one the day before her flight. She started to feel more relaxed after our first session and again, by the end of our final session, she happily got on the plane.

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