'Outstanding' Barnoldswick school "enables all children to thrive"

Barnoldswick Church of England Primary School children with their 'Outstanding' report.
Barnoldswick Church of England Primary School children with their 'Outstanding' report.
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After being rated as 'Outstanding' in all areas in its latest Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) Report, a Barnoldswick school has vowed to maintain its lofty standards to give the pupils the best education it can.

After its inspection last month, Barnoldswick Church of England Primary School on Kelbrook Road has received an overall rating of 'Outstanding,' with the Head Teacher, Michelle Ellis, praising the school for working together as 'one big community.'

"It's amazing to be 'Outstanding' in all areas," Michelle said. "The staff work extremely hard within school, and the SIAMS inspector also noted the excellent progress the children are making academically as well.

"We want the children to be strong in all areas and have good social values in school, because it does help them with their academic education as well," Michelle added. "We've all worked really hard to get the 'Outstanding' rating and we will maintain this in the future."

Areas of particular success highlighted by the report included its "rich and nurturing environment," as well as the character, caring ethos, and clear focus on Christian values at the school.

"It enables all children to thrive, with the large majority making excellent progress academically and the more vulnerable being very well supported through targeted intervention strategies," the report read.

"The behavior of the pupils is excellent, and we feel that - because of the values we follow through with each day throughout the school - children are very compassionate towards each other and care no matter who they are or where they're from," Michelle continued.

"Everybody is treated equally throughout school; we care for one another and staff and parents are important in that respect as well."