Pelican crossing plea near Nelson school

SAFETY CAMPAIGN: County Coun. George Adam (left) and candidate Azhar Ali at the zebra they are concerned about.
SAFETY CAMPAIGN: County Coun. George Adam (left) and candidate Azhar Ali at the zebra they are concerned about.
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A CAMPAIGN to make it much safer for people to cross a busy road by a Nelson primary school has been launched this week following an accident there.

The collision took place in Hibson Road on Monday, shortly after 4-30pm, involving two cars. Police said there were no significant injuries as a result of the accident.

However, members of the Labour Party want to see the zebra crossing on the hill close to St Paul’s CE School replaced by a pelican crossing with traffic lights to make it a safer place to cross. Taking part are County Coun. George Adam, who retires this year, and his replacement candidate, Mr Azhar Ali.

Mr Ali, Labour’s Nelson South candidate in the Lancashire County Council elections in May, said: “This is something George as county councillor has been campaigning on for a couple of years to upgrade the zebra crossing to a pelican crossing.

“Cars are whizzing up and down when young people are trying to cross. They don’t stop sometimes. So we are launching a campaign. Lancashire County Council won’t agree to improve it at this stage. We want the county council to listen to local people.”

George said: “I think there have been a double figure of accidents in Hibson Road in the past two to three years.”

And Azhar added: “You can see the traffic lights higher up when it is a pelican and people start slowing. We are hoping that, if it is changed, less people will be injured and it will improve safety for pedestrians and drivers.”

Young people from the school, along with others from Marsden Heights Community College up the road, use the zebra to cross Hibson Road.

Anyone who has thoughts or wants to support the campaign can contact County Coun. Adam on 07719 737388 or Azhar Ali on 07734 384602.

Sgt Claire Pearson from the Road Policing Unit at Colne has agreed to look into the location. She said: “There have been no major accidents at the crossing recently – the last one was in 2007. We can have a look at it, however. We can understand their concerns about it. I have mentioned it to the traffic manager here and can also mention it to Lancashire County Council.”