Pendle BNP councillor's resignation U-turn

Coun. Brian Parker (s)
Coun. Brian Parker (s)
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A Pendle BNP councillor has sensationally rescinded his resignation from the party less than 24 hours after tendering it.

Coun. Brian Parker, who represents Marsden ward in Nelson, said he made the decision to rejoin the party after talking with senior party members in the early hours of this morning.

Yesterday, Coun. Parker said he would go independent from the party he has represented for 10 years and won four elections with, one Nelson Town Council election and three Pendle Council elections.

Coun. Parker, the only BNP district councillor in the country, said an "Oscar winning performance" by a mole trying to "sabotage" the party had been the reason behind his resignation yesterday, but the outing of the mole and two other BNP party members convinced him to stay.

Coun. Parker said: "He was a very good mole. He should be on the stage. He had convinced me that the party was corrupt and up to all sorts of tricks but they weren't.

"What wrong footed me was two people I have known for a long time backed him up. But it didn't stand up.

"I'm very happy to be back in it (the party), they are a great bunch of people.

"I'm now looking forward to getting back to representing the people of the Marsden ward and carry on helping people. That is what I was elected to do."