Pendle Council chiefs lobby Government for extra cash

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PENDLE Council’s Leader and Chief Executive have met with Communities and Local Government Minister Bob Neill to lobby for an improved grant.

At the meeting, in London, Coun. Mike Blomeley and Stephen Barnes described the impact a substantial grant reduction would have in Pendle.

Coun. Blomeley said: “We know how much we’ll receive from the Government in 2012/13 but there are major changes being proposed for the local government grant regime from 2014. These are being considered now.

“There’s potentially more than £2m. at risk so it was vital we explained the impact such a substantial grant reduction would have on our local authority and the services we provide in Pendle.”

Mr Barnes added: “Pendle Council is in the top 50 most deprived authorities in the country.

“To reduce our grant by a further £2m. would have a significant detrimental effect on the services we could provide to our residents.

“We pointed out to the Minister that only 12 authorities in the country are affected by his proposals in this way.

“This means it requires only a minor change in the distribution mechanism to remove the anomaly.

“The Minister considered our detailed submission and has promised to look into our points before he announces the proposed grant changes.”