Pendle Council Election Results and Photos 2011

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Blacko and Higherford

Derwent, Shelagh (Con) 583

Pope, John (Lab) 148

Con hold


Purcell, Jennifer (Con) 768

Stead, David (Lib Dem) 719

Roberts, William (Lab) 321

Con gain from Lib Dem


White, Paul (Con) 1,000

Jordan, Julian (Lab) 512

Kerrigan, James (Lib Dem) 355

Con hold


Waugh, Graham (Con) 551

Metcalfe, James (Lab) 149

Con hold


Throupe, Janine (Lib Dem) 775

Clarke, Stephanie (Con) 593

Tweedie, Ian (Lab) 336

Lib Dem hold


Younis, Nadeem (Lab) ..................... 1,339

Eye, Timothy (Con)........................... 218

Geddes, David (England First)............. 172

Massey, Kenneth (Lib Dem)................ 171

Lab hold


Smith, Richard (Lab) 775

Taylor, Janice (Con) 358

Wood, James (Lib Dem) 213

Fairless, Julie (BNP) 161

Lab gain from Lib Dem


Ahmed, Nawaz (Lab) 1,161

Gregory, Jack (Con) 650

Lab hold


Whalley, David (Lab) 866

McKenna, Paul (Con) 363

Robinson, Judith (Lib Dem) 204

Karmer, Lee (BNP) 112

Banks, John (UKIP) 62

Lab gain from Lib Dem

Vivary Bridge

Cooney, Joseph (Con) 555

Hargreaves, Anthony (Lab) 464

Thomas, Howard (Lib Dem)444

Con gain from Lib Dem


Roach, Graham (Lib Dem) 605

Johns, David (Lab) 381

Regan, Maureen (Con) 214

Rowe, Peter (BNP) 179

Lib Dem hold.


Kerrigan, Ann (Lib Dem) 555

Pearson, Rachel (Con) 490

Foat, David (Lab) 421

Lib Dem hold


Horsfield, Morris (Con) 1,145

Rycroft, Hazel (Lab) 513

Jackman, James (English Democrats) 263

Taylforth, Jacqueline (Lib Dem) 210

Con hold


Allen, Robert (Lab) 1,218

Barton, Tonia (Con) 1,062

Lab gain from Con

Higham and Pendleside

Starkie, James (Con) 625

Oliver, Robert (Lab) 152

Con hold


Crossley, Linda (Con) 1,045

Nike, Susan (Lab) 763

Con hold

Old Laund Booth

David, John (Lib Dem) 367

Hartley, Jill (Con) 357

Maltby, Peter (Lab) 32

Lib Dem hold