Pendle Council election round-up

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HERE are the full results from Pendle Council’s elections. The Conservatives and Labour Party each have 18 seats, the Liberal Democrats have retained 12 and the BNP has lost one of its two. So it is still a “no overall control” council.

There were votes in 16 wards, with two seats available in Boulsworth Ward. There were four changes - in Barnoldswick’s Craven Ward, the Liberal Democrats won the seat after an Independent stepped down, in Marsden Ward, Nelson, the Conservatives beat the BNP, but in Reedley Ward, the Tories lost to Labour and, finally, the Labour Party took over from the Liberal Democrats in Colne’s Viviary Bridge.

Results (* sitting councillor up for re-election):

Barrowford Ward

*Tony Beckett (Con) 918

Sue Nike (Lab) 609

Majority 309

Turnout: 37.9%

No Change

Boulsworth Ward

Margaret Foxley (Con) 639

John McBeth (Con) 562

Julian Jordan (Lab) 349

David Foat (Lab) 308

Heather Greaves (LD) 211

John Rowe (BNP) 181

Mary Thomas (LD) 155

Rowen Hartley -Fish (G) 141

Turnout: 32.6%

No Change

Bradley Ward

*Mohammad Sakib (Lab) 1,178

Shoaib Ahmed (LD) 700

Timothy Eyre (Con) 147

Stuart Oxbrow (G) 118

Majority 478

Turnout: 45.9%

No Change

Brierfield Ward

*Naeem Ashraf (Lab) 1,102

Jack Gregory (Con) 520

Majority 582

Turnout: 44.3%

No Change

Cloverhill Ward

*Eileen Ansar (Lab) 848

Janice Taylor (Con) 281

Veronica Cullen (BNP) 149

Philip Berry (LD) 108

Majority 567

Turnout: 36.5%

No Change

Coates Ward

*Marjorie Adams (LD) 726

Keith Bailey (Con) 372

Christopher McKimm (Lab) 218

Majority 354

Turnout: 31.7%

No Change

Craven Ward

Ken Hartley (LD) 615

Suzanne Langtree (Con) 376

David Johns (Lab) 220

Dorothy Baxter (UKIP) 193

Majority 239

Turnout: 32.5%

Liberal Democrat gain.

Earby Ward

Rosemary Carroll (Con) 712

Robert Oliver (Lab) 356

Doris Haigh (LD) 343

James Jackman (ED) 311

Majority 356

Turnout: 35.5%

No Change

Horsfield Ward

*Smith Benson (Con) 515

James Kerrigan (LD) 386

Tony Hargreaves (Lab) 375

Majority 129

Turnout: 32.9%

No Change

Marsden Ward

Tommy Cooney (Con) 391

*Adam Grant (BNP) 354

Azhar Ali (Lab) 291

Majority 37

Turnout: 39.8%

Conservative gain

Reedley Ward

Mohammed Hanif (Lab) 1,034

Tonia Barton (Con) 917

James Wood (LD) 181

Majority 117

Turnout: 50.1%

Labour gain

Southfield Ward

*Sheila Wicks (Lab) 847

Abubaker Anwar (LD) 196

Paul Pratt (Con) 190

Majority 651

Turnout: 30.1%

No Change

Vivary Bridge Ward

Ian Tweedie (Lab) 389

Keith Wilkinson (Con) 369

*Glenda Clegg (LD) 367

Leah Jamieson (G) 91

Majority 20

Turnout: 28.9%

Labour gain

Walverden Ward

Abdul Aziz (Lab) 783

Neil McGowan(Con) 265

Majority 518

Turnout: 39.5%

No Change

Waterside Ward

* Tony Greaves (LD) 564

Ian Graham (Lab) 343

Geoff Riley (Con) 110

Gareth Topping (DN) 92

David Penney (G) 75

Majority 221

Turnout: 30.7%

No Change

Whitefield Ward

*Nadeem Ahmed (LD) 1,113

Sajid Ali (Lab) 623

Margaret Beckett (Con) 60

Majority 490

Turnout: 66%

No change.