Pendle Council’s festive recycling message


Thank you to everyone in Pendle who’s been recycling their paper and cardboard ... that’s the message from Pendle Council, following improvements to its household paper and cardboard recycling collections two months ago.

Coun. James Starkie, who represents recycling in Pendle, said: “The changes have made it easier for residents to recycle their paper and cardboard from home.

“Pendle residents can now put their junk mail, newspapers, cereal boxes, cardboard food packaging and other paper and cardboard products either into a cardboard box or their green recycling box.”

And the extra paper and cardboard waste many households have over Christmas and New Year can go into the collections too.

Carole Taylor, the council’s Recycling Co-ordinator, said: “Many families generate more waste over Christmas. Please recycle as much of it as you can.

“Christmas cards, wrapping paper and cardboard food packaging can all be recycled through our household paper and cardboard collections.”

For more information about the improved paper and cardboard collections, go to or call the recycling helpline on 661743.