Pendle Council’s pledge to welcome 20 Syria refugee families

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
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Pendle Council is keen to play a part in welcoming a number of refugees to the area, council leaders have pledged.

Pendle Council’s Leader and Deputy Leader, Councillors Mohammed Iqbal and Tony Greaves, met last night to agree to welcome a number of refugee families from war torn Syria.

Coun. Mohammed Iqbal said: “We are deeply concerned about the harrowing effects of war on children and families in Syria.

“We are urging the government to do more. We will work with government agencies and local organisations to co-ordinate efforts in Pendle to help any families who come here, escaping from a desperate crisis.

“We are willing to welcome up to 20 families,” he said.

Coun. Iqbal continued: “The conflict in Syria has created a severe and worsening emergency, with 4 million refugees fleeing into neighbouring countries. They are in desperate need.

“I urge every council in the UK to offer support and take action. Together we can make a difference.”

Coun. Tony Greaves agreed and explained: “I am sure that this is what most people in Pendle would want us to do.

“In the past Pendle Council, Building Bridges, local churches, organisations and local residents have offered support in this way and I’m confident will do again.

“We helped Vietnamese boat people who came to live in Pendle. And 15 years ago we supported asylum seekers from Iraq, Iran and other war-torn countries and local people set up a strong support group.

“We have active local organisations and people who can help Syrian families.

“Together with many councils from around the country we are calling on the government to give us the opportunity to offer humanitarian aid here in Pendle.”