Pendle drivers to be surveyed

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Drivers in Pendle will be asked about their journeys during a series of roadside surveys by Lancashire County Council this month.

The information gathered will provide vital evidence for the development of long term solutions to tackle traffic congestion and improve transport outlined in the East Lancashire Highways and Transport Masterplan.

The masterplan, published earlier this year, lays the groundwork to identify and address transport problems to ensure the network supports economic growth and offers people a range of transport choices which promote healthy lifestyles.

Oliver Starkey, highways manager for east Lancashire, said: “We’ll be asking drivers to give us a couple of minutes of their time to tell us about their journey that day which is vital for us to understand more about travel patterns and develop solutions to congestion problems.

“The information we have at the moment allows us to progress smaller schemes in the short term, but we really need to develop a broader knowledge of people’s travel habits to understand the best approach to take in the long term.

“We’re conscious of the fact that these surveys will be taking place at the same time as we’re doing vital work on the M65, but we are doing them at a time when this disruption will be as small as possible.

“Ideally we would do the surveys at another time, but the M65 works will not finish until December and we really can’t delay the development of a solution to Colne’s traffic problems, as outlined in the masterplan, any further.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope people will understand that this short term disruption will ultimately help to prevent future delays, and the information they provide will help us to deliver good and efficient transport in the coming years.”