Pendle honeymoon shark victim told of ‘safe waters’ - latest

Ian Redmond
Ian Redmond
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THE French surgeon who tried to save Ian Redmond after he was mauled by a killer shark has told of his battle to keep the 30-year-old newly-wed alive.

Seychelle holidaymaker Christian Renaud who was on a catamaran 20 yards from where Ian was attacked, pulled the Nelson man aboard and brought him ashore where he desperately tried to resuscitate him.

“He was still alive but in shock through the violence of the impact.” Mr Renaud told a French newspaper.

“We got oxygen bottles from a divers’ boat and gave him adrenaline. But he lost too much blood. I lost him.”

IT worker Mr Redmond had been snorkelling off Anse Lazio beach on the island of Praslin, just feet from the shore.

In an emotional statement, Ian’s new wife Gemma who witnessed the incident said: “I heard ‘Help’ and the most awful scream.

“I could see the top of his snorkel because he had a bright orange band around it so I could always follow where he was. And, all of a sudden, I heard this ‘Help’. And then I heard it again - I heard ‘Help’ and the most awful scream.

“I can still hear it when I close my eyes.”

The attack was the second of its kind to claim a life in a matter of weeks. Earlier this month, a 36-year-old French tourist was killed by a shark in the same area.

Primary school teacher Gemma said she had asked a receptionist if there were sharks and was told: “No, not in the Seychelles, the Seychelles are very safe waters.”

The couple had been married 10 days earlier at St Michael’s Church in Dalton near the bride’s family home and had decided to take the trip to see the “beautiful” island.

Mr Renaud said that he had not been warned that the Frenchman had been killed and accused the authorities of negligence.

“This shark came here to hunt. He’ll come back, that’s for sure,” he added.

A team of shark experts from the US had told him the creature was almost certainly a Great White.

A memorial service was held on Friday where around 200 locals held a prayer vigil on the beach for Mr Redmond who grew up in Deerstone Road, and Nicolas Virolle.

Mr Redman’s inquest will be open and adjourned at Bolton Coroner’s Court.