Pendle Labour release statement on party leadership

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in London
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in London
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Senior Pendle Labour Party officers have held a meeting to discuss the ongoing challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Labour MPs this week passed a vote of no confidence in Mr Corbyn and the embattled leader is expected to face a leadership challenge. However, Mr Corbyn still retains the support of party members.

Senior officers in Pendle met last night and have issued a statement which reads: “Pendle Labour Party is becoming increasingly concerned about the continued undemocratic attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party.

“This statement is not seeking to provide any commentary on the merits of who is, or indeed who should, be leading our party, however, we are deeply upset at the manner in which the current turmoil has arisen when strong opposition is what the country needs most at these uncertain times.

“Regardless of who supported who in the leadership contest, the fact is that Jeremy Corbyn was democratically elected by the membership of the party and whilst we respect it is the right of every MP to mount a leadership challenge, this should done in the right manner with the correct procedure, as set out within the party rules, being followed.

“The membership of Pendle CLP was quite clear that whoever won the leadership contest of some 10 months ago, that the membership and the parliamentary MP’s should unite behind the successful candidate, our stance on that remains unchanged.

“Unfortunately, this view does not appear to be shared by a large majority of our elected parliamentarians which is somewhat disappointing.

“If there is to be a leadership contest, then Pendle CLP, as always, will engage the membership in true democratic fashion in order to ascertain the views of the membership.

“Until such a contest is declared, Pendle CLP will not be making any further comment with regards to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.”