Pendle MP backs Daylight Saving Bill and changes to clock setting

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PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson has welcomed the Government’s announcement of its support for the Daylight Saving Bill – calling for a change to the way we set our clocks.

As a long-time supporter of the bill, and the Lighter Later campaign, Mr Stephenson said: “On Friday I addressed the Pendle Tourism Forum and Lighter Later campaign was one of the first issues mentioned.

“The announcement will be warmly welcomed by the road safety organisations, sporting bodies, tourism industries and community groups that make up the 80-strong coalition backing the Lighter Later campaign.

“Evidence suggests that moving an hour of light from the early morning to the evening could make our roads safer and cut the UK’s carbon while boosting its economy and provide more time for leisure activities and sport. There is still some way to go, but today this campaign has taken a big step forward.”