Pendle MP hails Brexit

Andrew Stephenson.
Andrew Stephenson.
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Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has called the UK's vote for Brexit "really positive", before claiming that he was not surprised by Euro-sceptic East Lancashire voting "decisively to Leave".

The Conservative MP has been a supporter of the Leave campaign, saying: "It was a no-brainer because every door you knock on, the conversations in the pub, people are skeptical of the European project.

"They do not see how it's benefited them, how it benefit their jobs, their wages, their livelihoods, and many people don't see it as democratic. People here have decisively voted for change. It's incumbent on not just me but all the politicians who campaigned for Remain to implement the wishes of the British people."

With the turnout for the referendum vote higher in Pendle than for the general election, the Brexit issue has evidently ignited opinions. Mr Stepehnson said: "People want the UK to be a trading nation, a globally-focused nation, they want us to have a relationship with Europe, but they want us to have a different relationship with Europe."

Also speaking on the resignation of Prime Minister, David Cameron, Mr Stephenson said: "After six years as our Prime Minister - hugely experienced, a good negotiator, someone already with strong relationships not just in Europe but globally - I felt and feel that David Cameron is the best person to take us forward. I'm very sad that that's not going to happen."