Pendle MP welcomes new immigration figures

Andrew Stepehnson MP
Andrew Stepehnson MP
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Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has welcomed the latest independent evidence that the Government’s action to fix the immigration system is working, as new figures show net immigration has been cut by more than a third since the General Election and stands at the lowest level for a decade.

Net immigration – the number of people coming to live in the UK minus the number leaving – more than quadrupled under Labour.

Conservatives have reformed all the routes of immigration into the UK to make the system more selective and secure. In the recent Queen’s Speech, the Government announced new plans to clamp down on those from overseas who abuse our public services.

Mr Stephenson said: “I believe people in Pendle want an immigration system that works in Britain’s interest. Our new laws will stop people abusing public services they’re not entitled to and make it easier to remove people who should not be here. The latest independent figures show that the uncontrolled immigration Britain saw under Labour is ending and we are creating a system people can have confidence in.”