Pendle mum in plea after daylight break-in

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A mum-of-four is warning residents to remain vigilant and hide valuables from view after her family home was broken into in broad daylight.

Victoria Kyreacou (32), of Leeds Road, Nelson, discovered that around £700 worth of electricals had been stolen from her property after returning from a walk in Barley on Saturday afternoon.

She had thought something was “not right” after noticing her front curtains had been shut, and on further inspection she saw that her kitchen window had been smashed.

A red Lenovo laptop, a tablet, and two Samsung mobile phones, belonging to Victoria’s children Jack (14) and Hannah (11), were taken.

The burglary is one of eight police are investigating in the Colne Waterside and Nelson boundary area which include two in Ridehalgh Street and one in each of Cliff Street, Sutherland Street and Burnley Road, all Colne, and one in Gertrude Street, Nelson.

A 45-year-old man was arrested in connection with the burglaries but subsequently released without charge.

All the burglaries have been committed in a period between Tuesday, March 17th and Monday, and all involve smashing a rear window and taking electronic items.

Victoria said: “I set off walking at 12-30pm. At 3pm my friend noticed my front curtains were shut, and thought it was a bit strange, but I was in Barley with no reception.

“I got back at 4-15pm, and immediately noticed my curtains were shut. I walked through the lounge, the dining room, and then the kitchen - and saw the window had been smashed in. I just don’t understand the sheer blatancy of it - we have a low wall at the back, we are in between two blocks of shops, and even though it’s a back street it is still quite busy.

“We had only bought the tablet last week, for my son’s birthday. Whoever did this must be desperate to risk themselves for a couple of electrical items.”

Victoria believes her house was targeted by an opportunist, who will have seen the electricals left on display. She is now urging others to learn from her experiences.

She added: “What I would say is be vigilant. We are quite a busy back street and nobody noticed anything, so keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and keep valuables out of sight. Nine times out of ten, if nothing is on show then they won’t bother you. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is how things are.”

Sgt Shaun Pearson said: “I can confirm that a man was arrested in connection with eight burglaries and was subsequently released without charge.

“We believe that there could be one or more people connected to these burglaries and therefore would appeal to anybody with any information or who may have witnessed anything suspicious in theses areas in recent days to come forward and contact the police on 101.”