Pendle Muslim charity shortlisted for national award for sterling humanitarian work

Muslim Global Relief
Muslim Global Relief

After winning the title last year, a Nelson-based humanitarian organisation has once again been shortlisted for 'Charity of the Year' at the National British Muslim Awards for its stellar work in over 40 countries globally.

Muslim Global Relief, which since 2000 has been involved in numerous humanitarian relief efforts, has been shortlisted for the award ahead of hundreds of other charities after receiving votes from countless local, national, and international supporters. The awards ceremony will take place in Bradford next month.

Calling the nomination "amazing" after last year's win, MGR's Head of Marketing & Communications Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid explained that the charity's main objective is the relief of poverty and sickness, particularly in cases caused by natural disasters or by wars, through offer financial support and other assistance.

"Our motto is 'United We Stand to Serve' to work together to serve humanity where help is most needed," said Mujahaid. "We want a connected, educated community that sees all in poverty be vibrant, energetic, worthy citizens and not stereotyped as a typical poverty victim.

Promoting the importance of basic concepts such as access to clean water, sanitation, and education, MGR also focuses on longer-term developmental programmes such as disaster management, nutrition, and economic empowerment to allow for stable long-term projects.

"We are a community charity that was started by the community," Mujahaid added. "We are very reliant on community support to enable us to continue to provide humanitarian aid to poor communities in a dignified manner; throughout our history, Muslim Global Relief has relied only on the help and support of those who believe in helping others.

"This is a proud moment and it will give us more strength and courage to spread our work and engagement with everything from education to opera, from environment to health, from the consequences of the global refugee crisis to the need of employment in small and forgotten communities."

Out to "create something extraordinary", MGR also believes that there is a way to "bridge the profound chasms in our society" through British Muslim charity, which has a massively positive impact on many people's lives by utting the needs of others at the heart of the Muslim faith and at the heart of MGR values.

"We strive to achieve our vision through our relief, development, and advocacy work with vulnerable communities across the globe, regardless of race, gender, or belief," Mujahaid said, with MGR's 'One Village at a Time' project aiming to enable countless settlements self-sufficient as has been the case with Village Kousei Jingiri in Ghana. "Our message is that together we are stronger when good people and good organisations combine their unique strengths."

The director of the charity said: “We are living through a period of unprecedented change. Charities must be resilient and sustainable if they are to support people through such disruptive times. The better prepared charities are, the better placed that are to deliver the support needed.

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