Pendle reacts to Government cash handouts

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The Government’s funding settlement for Pendle for 2015/16 has just been announced – and it broadly confirms what Pendle Council was expecting.

Coun. Joe Cooney, leader of Pendle Council, said: “It’s good to get the news that the Efficiency Support Grant we’ve successfully lobbied for over the past two years will now be rolled into our main grant funding from the Government.

“Ministers said they would do this if they were happy with the yearly efficiency savings we’ve been making, and they clearly are.

“We’ll also get a better deal from the New Homes Bonus next year, with over £950,000 of funding compared to around £700,000 this year.

“This demonstrates our success in bringing more empty homes back into use in Pendle.

“We also welcome the news that the Government will again give additional funding to councils who choose to freeze their council tax, something we will consider carefully.

“Pendle Council has a strong track record in this, having frozen Pendle’s council tax for six years running.”

Councillors will consider proposals for savings and changes to charges on certain services as part of the budget plans for next year.

The detailed budget and council tax for Pendle will be agreed at the full council meeting in February where the emphasis will be on making further savings.

Comments from local residents who took part in the council’s recent Savings Challenge consultation will be considered ahead of the final budget decisions.

Coun. Tommy Cooney, who leads the council on finance, said: “This decision to roll Efficiency Support Grant into the main grant confirms that the Government is confident we manage our money and services in an efficient way.

“It also shows that lobbying Ministers to get the best for Pendle has paid off.”