Pendle supermarket fly-tippers targeted in council crackdown


Fly-tippers dumping waste at a Pendle supermarket are being hit with fines through a council crackdown.

The large recycling facility operated by Sainsbury’s, Colne, is well used by shoppers but has recently fallen prey to fly-tipping.

Coun. Sarah Cockburn-Price was contacted by the previous manager about similar problems the supermarket had been experiencing in 2017.

She said: “It was understandably putting the future of their cycling centre in jeopardy.

“I worked with Pendle Council officers to complete the paperwork necessary for the council to issue fixed penalty notices in 2017.

“They immediately were able to issue two large fines and Sainsbury’s not only retained their recycling centre, they expanded it too.”

Recently, Sainsbury’s reported more fly-tipping, some of it commercial in nature.

Liz Kayley, of Pendle Borough Council’s Environmental Crime Team has already issued a fixed penalty notice of £400 for fly-tipping household waste on the Sainsbury’s site.

She is now in the process of issuing another fixed penalty notice to another offender for fly-tipping, with the perpetrator residing in Worcester.

Sainsbury’s manager, Ash Metcalfe, said: “Illegal fly tipping clogs up our recycling centre and prevents our customers from recycling everyday items such as cardboard and glass. We welcome the council’s support to keep our recycling centre clear for our customers to use.”