Pendle turbine plans go to appeal

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Turbine plans rejected by Colne councillors have now gone to appeal.

Proposals for a 50kw wind turbine, foundations and control cabinet at Buttock Laithe Farm, in Coal Pit Lane, were rejected earlier in the year, while applications for a 225kw turbine and access track at Knarr Side Farm, in Skipton Old Road, and a 225kw turbine and access track at Flass Bent Farm, in Skipton Old Road, were turned down last year.

Now, Boulsworth councillor Coun. Paul White has reacted to the appeals, which were set to be noted at the Colne and District Committee meeting on Thursday.

An appeal against the refusal of planning permission for a 225kw wind turbine at Piked Edge Farm, in Skipton Old Road, also remains outstanding.

He said: “Those who want to pursue wind energy in the beautiful area around Boulsworth are absolutely relentless. This is something we’ve come to learn pretty quickly.

“We now have four at appeal. Piked Edge, Flass Bent and Knarr Side are all in the Skipton Old Road area of Colne.

“It was only recently that the Planning Inspector dismissed an appeal in that area, and one of her reasons was there were already a number of turbines giving a cumulative impact. I’d struggle to see how they couldn’t reach the same conclusion with these three.

“In terms of Buttock Laithe, DC21 have no regard to the impact on local residents, which they’ve shown by applying for this turbine so close to the village of Trawden.

“We have an excellent planning team, who are now well versed in defending the sound decisions we have made on these applications.

“They’ll continue to do that each and every time we stop the destruction of our beautiful landscape.”

A heated debate was sparked after initial plans for Buttock Laithe Farm were announced.

If approved, the DC21 proposals would see a turbine with an overall height of 48.6m built.

Objections included the impact the turbine could have on tourism, the proximity of the structure to listed buildings in the village, and fears the turbine could destroy the moors.

But those in support of the application said the turbine would be small scale, would contribute to the sustainability of the farm and clean energy, and the model is one of the quietest on the market.

The Knarr Side Farm and Flass Bent Farm turbines would each have a total height of 45.5m, if given the green light, while the Piked Edge Farm proposals could see a turbine with a maximum height of 45m built.