Pendleside Probus hoping to see salmon in River Brun again

David Crossley on one of his walks.

Focusing on the topic of nature, Pendleside Probus' latest meeting has seen the group start the new year with an early look forward to the Spring and Summer months to come.

To start, the club members were shown a series of films by David Crossley of the Burnley Film Makers illustrating the many different kinds of rare orchids which can be found in the local area, with keen walkers David and his wife Audrey - who have visited the Himalayas and the Alps and who are always looking out for orchids - on the keeping their eyes pealed.

David then moved on to matters slightly closer to home, namely the regeneration of local tributaries to the River Ribble, starting with the River Brun in Burnley.

"The objective of the Ribble Rivers Trust is to make these streams into salmon rivers again," explained member Ken Geddes. "Already you can see trout in the Brun and there are reports of young salmon.

"This work was not just the clearance of rubbish and removal of sources of pollution, but remodelling the river channels from two metres to six metres," Ken added. "This slows the flow, making them more 'fish friendly'. Local people are involved and in schools, fish eggs have been hatched in tanks and the young fish eventually released into the river."

Pendleside Probus meet in the hall of St Anne’s Church in Fence on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 10am for 10:30am. The next meeting will be on 7th February when Audrey Hall will talk about the Bronte Society.

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