People urged to respond to planning report

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A LOCAL pressure group is urging Pendle people to respond to Pendle Council’s Core Strategy Preferred Options Report before Monday’s deadline.

The Colne-based Lidgett and Beyond Group was set up to preserve the wildlife and local character of its area for residents and visitors alike. It stretches roughly from Lidgett, Favordale Road and the Windermere Avenue neighbourhood, along Castle Road up to Colne Golf Club, Hill Lane and back along Keighley Road, and embraces Bents, Bent Lane and Skipton Old Road, and the areas round Bluebell and Heyroyd farms.

Radical changes to planning policy mean that these areas could be under threat, depriving Colners from real countryside right next to the town and replacing it with suburban sprawl.

The group has the support of Boulsworth ward councillors Paul White and Mike Calvert, as well as dozens of local people, with many more joining each day. Lidgett and Beyond has its own web site: and visitors can find much more information about both the group and how they can help there.

“As the new National Planning Legislation is currently drafted, it will be much easier for opportunist developers to go ahead, because neither Colne residents, nor the council, will have the scope or wherewithal and possibly, not even the right, to contest”, explained Owen Oliver, president of Lidgett and Beyond. “We want to support the council by helping it meet its targets in increasing open space, increasing protected land and resisting the loss of heritage assets. We believe their report needs stronger wording if they are to achieve these aims in the current climate.

“You can learn more, join for free, and download a standard letter by visiting our web site. We need to get as many responses to the consultation as possible. Thanks to the technology at our disposal, showing the council you care about your area should take less than five minutes of your time.”