Appeal after cash theft by ‘bogus charity collectors’ in Colne

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Police have launched an appeal for witnesses after a group of elderly people were targeted by suspected bogus charity workers in Colne.

Police said at approximately 1-30pm on Tuesday, December 8th, a group of friends leaving the Byron Road Community Centre were approached by three women asking for donations as they were starting a class for deaf children at the centre.

According to police, members of the group leaving the centre donated to the cause, and as the collectors have gone to thank them with a hug, a distraction theft has taken place with money taken from two purses. Approximately £50 was taken from one and £100 from another.

PCSO Ailsa Gill said: “Using a probable bogus charity card, they have engaged the group in conversation before hugging the women causing the purse to become vulnerable.

“It appears that at this point the money has been taken from the purse. The females are described as being Eastern European and speaking in broken English.

“One was small and dainty and a taller one that is described as being quite heavily built. There may also be a red car involved.

“If you know of anyone who is attending a lunch, bingo over the coming weeks, please make them aware of this incident and advise them not to give money to anyone that they do not know, and not to carry amounts of money with them.

“Please encourage them to ring the police should they suspect anything suspicious, or please do it for them.”