Arts project will breathe new life into Brierfield Station platform

Brierfield Station
Brierfield Station

The disused platform at Brierfield Railway Station is on track to be brightened up thanks to a community arts project.

In-situ, based at Brierfield's Northlight Mill, is inviting residents to join in the artist-led workshops which down the line will clear and re-activate the disused platform and open the station as a community space.



Paul Hartley, at In-Situ, said: "It’s fantastic that momentum is gathering around this project. We are hoping this will get people more engaged with this little station and continues to add to the amazing investment to the Northlight site for new residents and people working on site.

"Further down the line, we plan to re-paint the bridge connecting Brierfield Town Centre to Northlight development, and to re-instate the old signal box, which In-Situ campaigned to keep between 2013-16 and which we have retained in storage."

People will have creative opportunities to learn new skills and interact with the station and surrounding areas, exploring and recording through photography, illustration, sculpture, writing and printing.

These form an early stage of an art project at Brierfield Railway Station, to re-activate the disused platform and to re-imagine the station as a destination in its own right.

Future ideas for the project which will span into next year, are to work with residents to create better surroundings and artwork at the station, and to encourage alternative transport routes in and out of Brierfield.

Chris Hadfield, manager of Connecting East Lancashire, said: "Brierfield Railway Station is a great spot from which to travel further afield, or to visit Brierfield in its own right. Plus, in 2020 there will be artwork to enjoy as well at the station.

"It's a perfect location from which to start exploring the local area; the Leeds and Liverpool Canal being a moment away from the station and ideal for walking and cycling. You can also check out Northlight where there's fun to be had by all the family at the Leisure Box."